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(Riescrater-Museum, Nördlingen, Bavaria, Germany)

Logo Riescrater-Museum NoerdlingenHomepage:

Eugene-Shoemaker-Platz 1
86720 Nördlingen
Tel.: 09081/847 10
Fax: 09081/847 20
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening hours:
May - October: Tue-Su 10.00h -16.30h November - April: Tue-Su 10.00h-12.00h and 13.30h-16.30h Closed on Mondays

Prof. Dr. Stefan Hölzl

Fast facts:
The Riescrater-Museum Noerdlingen is a museum that forms part of the Bavarian Natural History Collections. It focuses on a natural disaster originating from outer space that occurred approximately 15 million years ago in Germany on the border between the Franconian and the Swabian Jura Mountains: the impact of an asteroid with a diameter of about 1 kilometre that created the "Nördlinger Ries" - a meteorite crater with a diameter of 23-24 kilometres.

The complexity of a meteorite impact of this magnitude, its extraterrestrial origin, and its consequences are demonstrated at the Rieskrater-Museum Noerdlingen. These topics are presented in such a way as to give information to both the interested layman and the scientist.



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