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Why collections matter

Discovering new species

So far, only about 10% of all multicellular living organisms on Earth have been discovered – new species can only be reliably recognized by comparison with already known species.

Evolutionary research

Life on Earth is changing constantly - collections help to reveal and unterstand the changes.

Where do we feel changes?

Everyone talks about climate change - the biological response to climate change is visible in large collections.

Nature protection

We can only protect what we know - we explore the diversity of life.

Forensics & Collections

Nature leaves its mark everywhere - even at crime scenes. Collections help to read them.

Research for agriculture

Increasingly, new, as yet unknown, pests come to us - collections help to determine them quickly - and might save crops.

Health of animals and humans

Collections provide data for health-related topics. They help to indentify parasites or to reveal the history of human health development.

Education and training

Collections promote a more conscious way of dealing with nature. We inform, educate, exchange and network worldwide.

Detecting environmental impacts

Many species are very sensitive to the smallest environmental changes. Collections help to identify them correctly and thus take the necessary measures.



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